Like a perfect souffle or a hollandaise sauce, quickly breaking down a chicken is a milestone every kitchen dweller much reach. This is my favorite ways to prepare a chicken because it leaves me with parts to make stock with. So, sharpen up those knives and boost your kitchen confidence with these simple steps. It's easier than you might think.

Items Needed:

Some helpfull items we
will need for this task.

Boning or chef knife

Sharper = Safer - Sharpen your knife.

Cutting board

A clean sterilized cutting board.

1x Whole Chicken

Free range whole chicken

This break-down method will yield you:

  • 2x bone-in legs
  • 2x bone-in thighs
  • 2x full wings
  • 2x boneless breasts
  • 5 cups chicken stock

Lay breast side up

Lay your chicken breast on the cutting board - breast side up.

Surface cut thigh joint

Locate the seam where the thighs connect to the body and make a surface cut. Repeat on both sides. Place aside.

Pop, then cut thigh joints

Flip chicken over and cut through the joint to remove the thigh. Repeat on both sides.

Follow steps 2 & 3 to remove wings

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Locate breast seam

Between the two breast, run your finger to locate the line of collagen that separates the breasts.

Remove Breasts

Run your knife along this collagen line, keeping the knife as close as possible, pull the breast back as you cut and remove. Repeat on both sides.

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